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Single Business Owners are Not Ordinary People!

As a Single Business Owner, your thought process is different from the "norm." You require a partner who will embrace your unique character and understand that you have a specific goal in life that may not include a "real job." You seek a special relationship in which to grow and thrive.

The Needs of a Single Business Owner

Your needs as a Single Business Owner will include a generous heart, open mind and loving spirit. Your partner will cherish your dreams as much as you do and allow you the freedom to do YOU!

The Wants of a Single Business Owner

Every single business owner wants someone who gets them, exactly as they are. While all people can Improve, few people can be changed. Most if not all single business owners do not have a 9-5 mentality, even if they RUN a 9-5 company. What single business owners seek is acceptance, encouragement and a person to celebrate and commiserate with. For better or worse, they want a real person who is there, just for them!

The Partner of a Single Business Owner

The partner of a single business owner holds a special place, not just in their heart, but also in their mind and soul. To truly understand this special and unique person, you will realize that dedication to their business does not mean they care for you less. Single Business Owners put a lot of time and energy into growing a viable business. What they need most is understanding and unconditional love. In all the world, they will need YOU to have their back. If this describes YOU, please sign up! Life will never be boring with a Single Business Owner, that much is assured!

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